2014 Welcome Back News Letter

9 Jan 2014

2014 Welcome Back News Letter

Welcome back to a New Year and chance to achieve new goals. Looking back at 2013 JSTKD has had lots of success in all areas of Tae Kwon Do and personal achievements.

Our Competition team traveled far and wide to compete in National and International events. Hannah Hunt and Rhys Doel along with myself competed at the World Championships, this one being the biggest of all with over 3000 competitors lasting 3 days.

The Medal Chasers

We continued to celebrate British, Welsh and domestic champions and I feel we should name the students who continue to make us proud at all competitions – Hannah Hunt, Emily Hunt, Ashton Curnick, Rhys Doel, Lyne Doel, Menna Birmingham, Harri Birmingham, Rian Thomas, Harri Thomas, Josh Edwards, Sean Edwards, Jake Hayvice and Zac Hayvice! This is our current sport team and we hope to have many more by the end of 2014.
I myself managed to achieve my 4th Open World title, whilst trying to show my students that hard work and dedication does pay off. By keeping fit and active with triathlon training, mixed in with Martial arts has proved to be a sure way of staying on top of the game. Ironman Italy was the choice of Endurance last year and I look forward to a full year of experiencing new challenges and achievements for both myself and my students.

Ann, Neil, Hannah and Emily Hunt

On a sad note at jstkd we lost our number one Captain Hannah Hunt and her sister Emily Hunt. The two Black Belt sisters played a leading role within our classes; both fought at every competition and attended all events to promote jstkd!
Hannah was looked up to amongst our junior and senior students, helping at no cost; we have no doubt that she will go on to achieve a high level in Taekwondo and hopefully her Olympic dream!
Emily the younger of the two was a friend and companion to the team; Em never backed down from a challenge and had a strong character with both mental and physical talents. She will be missed by all; we wish her the best in her new school and future in Florida.

All being said it wouldn’t be fair not to mention Ann and Neil! They have been the back bone to jstkd. Number one supporters at all competitions and social events in the club, anything to help anyone at any time! This family will always be part of our team and we wish them the best in all they do!!


2013 saw our student’s grade through the ranks, so much that we are excited to start our new Black Belt club in 2014.
Our grading shield proved to separate the skills within the colour belt ranks, Menna Birmingham who won the award 3 times was exceptional and is sure to go onto Black Belt level!
We also had Hannah Hunt, Gary Morgan and Lyne Doel winning the award with outstanding TKD skills!
We had success earlier in the year with Hannah and Emily, then later in the year with Luke Pownall and Alex Rosser, all who passed the 1st Dan level joining our team of Black Belts.
2014 will see limits passed again with Mared and Bethan Roberts going for star gradins and Hywel Roberts who intends to achieve his 2nd Dan Black Belt, we wish you all the best of luck.

Clubs and Programs

2013 saw jstkd move into the Barry area. We started our first family class at Barry Leisure centre from 6-7pm on Thursdays. This class is continuing to grow and with a new trend of family TKD, parents starting Martial Arts with their children is the perfect way to educate their child and it’s great to see the benefits that it brings.
Our new Ninja Kids program kicked off with new a new class at Alexander Gardens community centre on Tuesdays 4-4.30. 2014 will see Ninja Kids open throughout the Vale, its exciting concept of fun through Martial Arts helps build your child for their future!

Our vision for 2014 will see our students throughout JSTKD continue to grow.

We intend to open new schools whilst creating new exciting programs for our higher grades, we have competition training along with the Black Belt club for student’s Blue belt level and above. Not to mention our SAS team membership, this will see training programs in place to help these students become leaders.

All that said please take a look at our NEW calendar of events Jan – June 2014. We ask you our students to please check updates and news weekly @ jstkd.co.uk and become our Face book friend @ jstkd.

Good luck and all the best for a successful 2014!!

Mr Joseph Schembri (Head Instructor 4th Dan Black Belt)

More more information regarding events happening during 2014 please see our calendar page

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