Are you on the List?

9 Oct 2016

Are you on the List?

listDo we have your most up to date email address – or do we even have your email address at all?!

You might have noticed that we are giving out very few paper notices at the end of class these days, as we are moving more and more towards online communications.  We update our website and Facebook pages regularly  but we also send up updates directly into your inbox.

We won’t use your email for anything other than JSTKD notices such as when we have to reschedule a class or when we’re running classes during holiday times – but we can’t let you know unless we’ve got your details of course.

If you’re not receiving any updates directly into your inbox then please let us have your email address as soon as possible – it may not have been automatically added to our database when you joined JSTKD originally so it’s worth letting us have it again if you’re not sure.  We can easily double check, so better to tell us twice than not at all 🙂

You can let us know in class or you can  add your details directly from our homepage – just look towards the bottom left of the page and you’ll see the ‘sign up’ box.

We really want to make our communciations as efficient as possible…..but we need your help.

A big thanks in advance for your assistance with this.


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