Clash of the Clubs 2018

28 Sep 2018

Clash of the Clubs 2018

A few of our Team JSTKD regulars were recently invited to take part in the Clash of the Clubs 2018 tournament.  This event  now in its fourth year of operation and is organised by Train Taekwondo based in Yorkshire and Jackson White’s Tae Kwon Do Schools based in East Midlands.  It’s an interclub event for those local to the area but our super sparrers were given a special invitation to take part as of course, those locations are hardly what you’d call ‘just around the corner’ for us!

As you can see, Menna, Harri, Alex and Zac gatecrashed in medal-winning style both individually and in Menna’s case by also teaming up with the locals to grab a medal in the team event.

They’ll be joined again by our other team members as they continue through the regional  tournaments throughout the autumn as well as heading to the British Championships in November.

If you’d like to try out your skills – sparring and/or patterns – at any of the tournaments, you are very welcome to join us.  All the details and information you need are on our website.


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