Colour Belt Grading 7 October – in pictures!

8 Oct 2017

Colour Belt Grading 7 October – in pictures!

Well done to all our colour belt students who took part in the recent grading at Cardiff Tae Kwon Do Centre.   For some students it was their second visit of the day as they had taken part in the pre-grading sessions earlier on.  If you’ve just successfully graded to your red belt,  don’t forget that these are compulsory sessions so make sure you go along next time.    It’s your first ‘official’ step to getting your Black Belt  and they are always held in the run up to the Black Belt examinations that take place in October and April. 

So, how did the grading go?  Well, we had a smaller number of students than usual so that helped things to move along quite swiftly once we’d got the sparring section over.  We always start off with this so that our green belts and above can concentrate on the rest of their grading without having to pad up (put their kits on) in the middle of their test.   Although we’ve mentioned it lots of times before, it’s worth just stating that this section is different to tournament sparring as it’s not a ‘win or lose’ situation.  It is an exercise for students to show off some of their moves and it’s all done in a much more relaxed way – so please don’t worry if you’re moving up to a green belt and sparring isn’t your favourite thing!

We had students grading at all levels from those aiming for their first belts all the way up to those aiming for their black stripes.  We shared this grading with students from classes held by Mr Gimbel (Cowbridge and Porthcawl) and Mr Taylor (Cardiff).  We should say thanks to our Black Belt Grading Assistants, most of whom were from JSTKD and of course, to our two theory examiners for the day, Miss Parfitt and Dr Roberts also from JSTKD.    As always, our Grading Examiner was Master Peros, 8th Degree Dan and TAGB Area Co-ordinator.

So let’s have a look at some our graders in action – as usual, if you hover over the picture you’ll get a description of what you’re looking at – it can all look a bit alike if you’re not familiar with the different grades! 🙂



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