English Championships 2017 – Tournament Report

17 Mar 2017

English Championships 2017 – Tournament Report

What a top performance from all of our Team JSTKD members!  Everyone gave 110% at the very busy English Championships that took place on Sunday 12th March at the Worcester Arena.  The team comprised:  Menna Burmingham, Rhys Doel, Josh and Sean Edwards, Alex Munn, Zak and Joe Grinter, Alisha Roberts and Cai Selby.  Unfortunately, two team members (Harri Burmingham and Sion Selby) were unwell so were not able to attend.

We’ve got some more photo’s for you at the end of our report.

First on was Menna who was competing in the Girls Black Belt Patterns – a very hotly contested event!  Menna had to go through three rounds and each time, she had to deliver her intricate pattern with the same level of accuracy and composure.  However, it certainly paid off in the final head-to-head round, where she gave an unbeatable performance to leave her opponent in the runners up position and claim the title of English Champion for herself.   Menna’s no stranger to holding an English Patterns title though as she first lifted the trophy a couple of years ago when she was a Red Belt.  Nice to see she’s consistent 🙂

More Black Belt action came from Josh and Sean who both put in a great effort in the sparring events but didn’t quite make the finals this time – although Josh didn’t come home empty handed as he went on later in the day to be part of the silver medal winning “Welsh Warriors” in the Black Belt Boys Tag Team contest.

Our reigning North Wales Champion, Rhys, was also in action in the Boys Middleweight Black Belt sparring.  Although this time he was below par as he was fighting a virus as well as a rather large opponent!  After getting past the preliminary rounds, he reluctantly found himself bowing out to the eventual winner.  

Menna, meanwhile, was still not finished winning medals and by combining some strong kicking with sheer determination, she took the bronze in the Girls Middleweight Black Belt Sparring event.

Across in the colour belts, our other team members were also making sure they made their mark.  Our newest and youngest team member, Joe Grinter, turned in a storming performance to go through each of his many rounds with a remarkably cool head, regardless of what his opponents threw at him.   He found himself in the final and, still unruffled, went on to became the well deserved English Champion in the Boys Tiny Tots Yellow Belt division.  Big brother Zak was making short work of his opponents too in the Boys Peewee Green Belts and thanks to a variety of great kicks,  clinched the bronze.  Next up was Alex Munn in the Boys Lightweight Green Belts.  He went sailing through the rounds to the final and didn’t even let his first round opponent score a point!   He put up a fantastic fight and eventually came away with the silver.   We still had two competitors left though and there was another top-notch performance from Alisha in the Girls Middleweight Blue Belt Sparring,   Despite being new to the Blue Belt Middleweight division, Alisha was in fine form against some much larger competitors.  She used her skills to great effect to out-manouevre her opponents all the way through to the semi-finals, where she took a well earned bronze medal for her efforts.  Our final competitor, Cai, did a great job in the Boys Lightweight Yellow Belts and although he had to settle for leaving in the earlier rounds this time, he showed us some clever moves along the way and certainly didn’t make things easy for his opponents.

So, our tally was 2 new Champions (yay!), 2 silvers and 3 bronzes – not a bad days work at all!  Well done on an awesome job everyone 🙂

If you fancy having a go yourself, don’t forget we have a regional tournament coming up on 9th April in Newport.  It’s a great place to just try out competing if you’ve been thinking about it but perhaps have been a bit put off by having to face anything too big or too far away.  We’ve got details of the Welsh Area Championships here and the closing date for entries is 23rd March so still time to get your forms and fees to Mr Schembri.   As always, you can do patterns or sparring….. or both!

BELOW:  A few photo’s from the tournament

Here’s our awesome team: 

L-R:  Menna, Josh Alisha Sean, Rhys (Zak, Joe, Alex and Cai weren’t able to make the photo-call)







Menna feeling suitably proud with her Girls Black Belt

English Champion Trophy






And here she is again- this time, she’s receiving her bronze for sparring.







Joe looking formidable before going on to become Boys Tiny Tots English Champion.





 And here he is collecting his trophy (as can see, he’s the one 2nd from left, with the biggest trophy!)






Might as well keep it in the family – here’s big bro Zak collecting his bronze (that’s him on the far right of the pic)





Josh looking pleased with himself after winning a silver

in the Black Belt Boys Tag Team event











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