Grading – July 2017

11 Jul 2017

Grading – July 2017

Well done to everyone who took part in our busy colour belt grading which we held on 1st July at Colcot Sports Centre.  

As usual, we had students taking their first ever grading (these are our white belts who were grading for their yellow stripe) and students taking their final colour belt grading (these are our red belts who were grading for their black stripe).  For these students, the next time they grade will be for their Black Belts!  However, they have to train for at least a year before they can enter the examination so still lots of work to be done!  Talking of which, we will be announcing our next colour belt grading as soon as possible, as we want all of our students to be fully prepared – no more panic sessions 2 weeks before the grading please!  As students move through the belts they are expected to perform more complex patterns and movements – those students who took their black stripe grading had to perform 3 patterns, step sparring (set movements) line work, answer theory questions and of course, they had to do free sparring before the main grading got underway.  As you can see, it really is beneficial to make as early a start as possible on learning the next elements needed for an upcoming belt 🙂

Here are some photo’s from the day – just look at all those determined students 🙂

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