Join us at our Upcoming Tournaments in Autumn 2018

8 Sep 2018

Join us at our Upcoming Tournaments in Autumn 2018

Have you ever thought about taking part in a tournament?  We’ve got several regional ones this autumn including our  local Welsh Area Championships, held in Newport.  PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR DATES, VENUES AND ENTRY FORMS

To qualify to be on TEAM JSTKD there are 2 things you need :

(1) At least a yellow stripe on your belt

(2) Enthusiasm 

Yes, that’s all you need! 

As you can see, apart from our brand new white belt students, that means just about everybody,whatever age, can join in and be part of our awesome team 🙂   Just have a word with Mr Schembri if you have any questions and then return your competitor form with the fee to him once you’ve decided what you’d like to enter. 

There’s one more thing to flag up too which is to remember that tournaments don’t just include sparring there are also patterns divisions.  You can take part in just one of these events or in both of them – and if you try one and wish you’d done both, then you can do that next time or, of course, if you try one but wished you’d done the other, no problem to switch next time.  

Mr Schembri gets to as many of the tournaments as he can and for the Welsh events, he’s often a referee for the sparring matches. However, he doesn’t need to be there for you take part so sometimes our team will attend by themselves without him.   If there’s a particular tournament you’re interested in, just have a word with him and he will let you know who is going along. 

There’s lots of benefits to taking part in touraments but our top six are:

  1. Great for testing your skills – that’s true for both sparring and patterns
  2. Sparring – your big chance to put all those moves we learn in class into practice. 
  3. Patterns – fantastic way to practice ready for gradings and to keep up your knowledge in between gradings 
  4. Both sparring and patterns – you will be surprised at how much learn from watching and competing with the other competitors
  5. You will get an amazing sense of achievement – sparring against an unknown opponent and/or going through your pattern by yourself in front of a panel of judges.  Whatever your score, you will feel like a winner just knowing that you were brave enough to step onto the mat
  6. Great way to get to know other members of our school – you will find that our regular team (that includes parents) are very supportive and happy to help if you have any questions or last minute nerves…..they’ve all been there!

Here are the dates for your diary. You will should be at the venues half an hour before the start time to allow for queues, parking etc.  If it’s your first time at a tournament, you might like our guide to what to expect which is in our Student Resources area:


6 October – Southern Championships     Tournament Entry Form – General
Torbay Leisure Centre 
Penwilll Way, Clennon Valley, Paignton, Devon TQ4 5JR
Start 9.30am   
7th October – South East Championships   Tournament Entry Form – General  
Surrey Sports Park  , Richard Meyjeys Road, Guildford Surrey, GU2 7AD
Start 10am 
2 December – Welsh Area Championships  Welsh Entry Form
Newport Leisure Centre
Start 9.30am 
Here’s some of our students in action!


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