Meet our new Black Belts

25 Oct 2018

Meet our new Black Belts

A huge well done to our latest successful Black Belt studentsDylan Howe and Ria Hawkins who train in Rhoose and Jay Yip and Dylan Sullivan who both train in Dinas Powys and Sully. 

They undertook the Black Belt examination on Sunday (21st Oct) at the TAGB Headquarters in Bristol and all managed to “keep calm and carry on” as they went through their patterns, step sparring, free sparring and line work to achieve their new belts.

The Black Belt examinations only take place twice a year – October and April – and run over the course of three days, with students travelling from all over the UK to participate.  


Photo L-R:  Dylan S, Ria, Dylan H, Jay


You will have recently seen us asking all our students with a red belt or higher grade to attend ‘pre grading’ sessions and the earning of your Black Belt (or further Dan grade) is what they’re all about!   Dylan H, Ria, Jay and Dylan S all attended regularly in preparation for their ‘big’ examination, so please keep a look out for the next sessions which will be in April.   

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