Pre Grading Dates for Spring 2017

26 Jan 2017

Pre Grading Dates for Spring 2017

Calling all Red Belts and above!  

It may seem like it’s still a long way off till you reach your Black Belt but did you know that you need to start pre-grading now?

As always, if you have any questions, please speak with Mr Schembri



Red belts (2nd Kups) and black stripes (1stKups)  MUST attend ONE of the 3 pre-grading black belt training sessions that are held twice a year, prior to the April and October black belt gradings.  This is a TAGB requirement towards  being accepted to take your black belt grading exam.  The cost to attend is £5 which is payable on the door but there is no need to pre-book, you can just turn up on the day.

Those who are grading for Black Belt (all levels) in April must attend ALL 3 sessions.  There is no cost for these because you are participating in the next Black Belt grading examination.

All sessions are being held at Cardiff Tae Kwon Do Centre, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff.  Students need to wear their full white doboks and ensure their licence is up to date.

Here are the 3 dates:

25 March / 1 April / 8 April

Times are:

1st Kup – 10 till 11.30am *
1st Dan- 11.30 till 1pm
2nd Dan and above – 1 till 2.30pm

*  Red Belts should join in with the 1st Kup sessions.



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