Student Resources – all our student info in one place!

30 Jan 2017

Student Resources – all our student info in one place!

Make our Student Resources zone your first stop….not your last resort!

Introducing our new improved ‘Student Resources’ zone on our website.  Previously called ‘Library’ we’ve now consolidated all our student information under one really useful tab!

The information that was stored in our Library is still there – so all the colour belt pattern videos and the theory for each of them is still available but we’ve also added a few other things that had been available on our site but all in different places.


You can now find the following items:

Colour Belt pattern videos

Colout Belt theory pages

Licence renewal form

Colour belt grading information (including a new ‘one size fits all’ grading form)

Guides to your first grading and first tournament

Ninja Graduation information and graduation form

More items will be added to the list so please check back to see what’s new and/or updated.


We now have our new Welcome Booklet (essential info for joining but also useful as a reminder of our fees, classes, terms and conditions etc)

We also have our direct debit form online for you to sign up quickly and easily


Don’t forget too, that our JSTKD Shop now has its own tab on our home page 




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