Team JSTKD at the British Championships

7 Nov 2017

Team JSTKD at the British Championships

What a brave effort by all our Team JSTKD members over the weekend!   Our team comprised Menna and Harri Burmingham, Rhys Doel, Alex Munn, Zac and Joe Grinter, Emily and Jessica Doogue and Alisha Roberts.  Between them, they took part in a variety of events across both patterns and sparring. 

Team photo shows L-R: (back) Emily, Menna, Alisha, Rhys, Harri and Alex (front) Joe, Zac and Jess.

The British Championships (held 5th Nov) is always a busy event but this year it was even busier than ever with huge numbers in each category. That’s not an exaggeration by the way, some had around 40 competitors per event.  If you’re not sure what that means for our juniors, in sparring, each belt colour has a variety of categories within it – so for every colour for the girls and every colour for the boys there are separate events – Tiny Tots, Peewee, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight.  For patterns, each belt colour is just divided into just ‘girls’ and ‘boys’, so you can imagine the numbers there too as everyone has to fit into much reduced number of choices!

Our colour belts – Alex, Zac, Joe, Alisha and Jessica all turned in excellent performances in their individual sparring events but just got squeezed out of the medal positions this time.  Although that said, Zac decided he wasn’t going home without a souvenir of his visit and later in the day, formed part of the gold medal winning Boys Blue Belt tag team. Well done Zac! 🙂 

Our black belts – Rhys, Menna, Harri and Emily were equally impressive in their sparring events with Rhys narrowly missing out on a chance to grab a medal as he had to bow out in the quarter finals.  Menna battled her way through four gruelling bouts and claimed the bronze in the Girls Middleweights and Emily also showed great determination and skill in the Girls Lightweights where she too claimed the bronze.  Great job both 🙂

Photo shows Rhys and Menna discussing strategy with Miss Parfitt our Rhoose and Wenvoe Ninjas Instructor 


Would you like to join Team JSTKD?  

The next tournament will be a Regional one (Welsh Area Championships) and will be held locally in Newport -it’s perfect for anyone who would like to try out a tournament but doesn’t want anything too daunting.  This one is on a very much more manageable scale than the British event!  As usual there will be patterns and sparring, so as long as you’ve got at least a yellow stripe and you’d like to have a go, please see here for more details.  Closing date for entries is 16 November.


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