Two New Black Belts – Cai and Elena

20 Oct 2017

Two New Black Belts – Cai and Elena

Many congratulations to our two newest Black Belts – Elena Preest and Cai Eastwood who train with us at Dinas Powys and Sully.   Our dynamic duo headed off to the TAGB Headquarters in Bristol last weekend (15 October) to take their Black Belt grading examination and as you can see, they both did brilliantly!

The examination can take up to 3 hours depending on how many students are participating and it’s an ‘everything’ test – step sparring, free sparring, line work, theory and of course ALL of the patterns from white belt up to black stripe plus the final one that you need to learn to take the examination.   Hopefully, you can see why it’s important to learn (and remember) each one to the best of your ability or it can mean a lot catch-up work before you’re ready for the Black Belt grading!   Elena and Cai have, of course, been putting in a loads of practice leading up their grading and this has included lots of hard work to improve each of the patterns to meet the standards required by the examiners.  In addition, they attended all of their mandatory pre-grading sessions to make certain they were up to the challenge.  They both did a great job on the day and we’re pleased to see them rewarded with their new belts and certificates.

As usual, we did a presentation in class so everyone could congratulate them and in case you’re wondering exactly ‘how many Black Belts does it take to do up a belt’, take a look below where you can see Isaac and Finn stepping in to help Cai with his! It’s not as easy as it looks 🙂

Here’s Cai and Elena on grading day – looking remarkably cool, calm and collected:

And here’s some photo’s we took in class when they got their certificates – as usual, just hover over the picture for a description:


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