Well done Team JSTKD at the Midlands Tournament!

22 Jan 2017

Well done Team JSTKD at the Midlands Tournament!

There was a great performance from the team at the Midlands Championships over the weekend (22 Jan).  Nine intrepid competitors made the journey to Kettering, Northants – we had team regulars Menna, Harri, Josh, Sean, Alisha, Zak and Alex Munn and they were joined by our two newest recruits Sion and Cai who have both recently got their first yellow stripes.

The team got off to a flying start with Menna claiming bronze in the Girls Black Belt Patterns, Josh grabbing the bronze in the Boys Black Belt Lightweight sparring and younger brother Sean stepping up the pace even more by taking gold in the Boys Black Belt Peewee sparring.  Great performances were also given in the colour belt  events by Alisha, Zak and Harri as well as Alex, who fought on bravely despite taking a hard kick to the face.  

So how did our new team members get on?  Sion certainly made his mark at his debut tournament with a fantastic effort which saw him win the gold in the Boys Yellow Belt Peewee Sparring event whilst Cai’s debut also went brilliantly as he took bronze in the Boys Yellow Belt Lightweight Sparring.  Great job boys!

A HUGE well done to our Team JSTKD competitors – all of whom made their first tournament of the year such a success.  Onwards and upwards 🙂


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