Welsh Area Championships Report

10 Apr 2018

Welsh Area Championships Report

What a fantastic performance from all our team – you might have seen our post on Facebook when we told you to get your sunglasses ready and we weren’t joking!  The amount of shiny trophies and medals we came home with would definitely hurt your eyes:)

First of all let’s name our super Team JSTKD warriors (Alex and Harri not are not pictured): 

Harri and Menna Burmingham, Zac, Joe and Lucy Grinter, Xantia, Maximus and Zander Hobrough, Emily and Jessica Doogue, Alisha Roberts, Alex Munn, Dylan Howe, Grace Waters, Luca Wilson and Jake Niblet

As usual, the day started with the Patterns competitions and although we had some great demonstrations from our participating team members we didn’t scoop any medals this time.  Not to worry though – we cleaned up in the sparring instead!  Everyone was on sizzling form with several of our team members gearing up for the World Championships in July.  We had an excellent effort from Luca, Jake, Maximus and Zander who sparred bravely in their individual events and made things as tricky as possible for their opponents. 

However, we almost lost count of the medals that were accumulating – see for yourselves: 

Individual Events:

Tournament Champions / Gold:

Harri ‘how d’you like my spinning kick’ Burmingham – Boys Lightweight Black Belt

Alex ‘the terminator’ Munn – Boys Lightweight Blue Belt

Dylan ‘back with a vengeance’ Howe – Boys Middleweight Red Belt

Zac ‘better make more room on the trophy shelf ‘ Grinter – Boys Peewee Blue Belt


Alisha ‘head kicker’ Roberts – Girls Middleweight Red Belt

Joe ‘small but deadly’ Grinter – Boys Tiny Tots Green Belt 


Menna ‘multi-skilled’ Burmingham – Girls Middleweight Black Belt

Emily ‘determined’ Doogue – Girls Lightweight Black Belt

Xantia ‘ powerhouse’ Hobrough – Girls Middleweight Red Belt 

Lucy ‘sisters are doing for themselves’ Grinter – Girls Lightweight Yellow Belt

Hang on, we haven’t finished yet…..

Tag Teams:

Xantia’s team – Gold       (pictured with brothers Maximus and Zander)                                                          

Alex’s team – Gold

Zac’s team – Gold

Maximus and Zander’s team – Silver 

Jessica & Grace’s team – bronze

Joe’s team – bronze

So to save you the maths that’s 7 golds, 3 silvers and 6 bronzes or if you prefer, 4 golds/tournament champions (plus the 3 tag team golds) 2 silvers (plus the tag team silver) and 4 bronzes (plus the 2 tag team bronzes).  Not a bad day out!





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