Welsh Open Championships 2017

24 Mar 2017

Welsh Open Championships 2017

We’re well into tournament season now and here is the latest to add to the list!   The Welsh Open Championships is our national level tournament and is being held at the Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cyncoed Campus).    The date to put in your diaries is Sunday 14th May .

Please note, the closing date to get your entry form and fee to Mr Schembri is Monday 24th April.    

If you’re coming along, just a reminder to make sure you’ve got some change for the car park!  It’s a pay & display and it gets very busy.

As usual, we will have our team regulars there but we always look forward to welcoming new team members or saying welcome back to those who haven’t competed for a while.  Also, as usual, there will sparring events taking place but if you don’t fancy getting your shin pads and mouthguard out, you can still take part by showing off your moves in the patterns events – or if you can’t decide, then you can have a go at both of course.


Important Notes:

*   You only need to complete the Competition Entry Form (you’ll see a few different forms but you just need the one that appears first which is the Competition one)

*   Please make sure you read the entry requirements carefully and select the correct belt, weight etc for the event you want to enter.   (For Juniors ‘weight’ actually refers to height which you’ll see on the right hand side of the form). The division section is for your belt and refers to the main colour on it so e.g. if you’re blue stripe on a green belt then you’d put green belt as your category.   The only exception is for yellow stripe students who need to select yellow belt as their division.

*   If you are entering Patterns, don’t forget to put the ‘P’ in the box!  If you only want to enter Patterns (and not sparring) then you only need to complete the Status and Divison boxes please leave the weight box blank.

*   If you’re sparring, don’t forget that you’ll need your full sparring kit with you and that includes your groin guard for male competitors and your mouthguard for everyone.  You will not be allowed to compete without these.

*   For competing, it’s full doboks (white suits) plus your belt of course and you must have a current licence.  If you need to renew your licence you can download a form here.



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