Your plan for week 13 April

15 Apr 2020

Your plan for week 13 April

Here is the plan that we mailed out this week

Easter week workout!

Wk 4 @ Jstkd 
Hope you all had a lovely Easter 🙂 It seems that it brought a small piece of normality back into our lives, lately most of us have been focusing on work & the struggle of keeping family safe whilst trying to cope with uncertain times.
So what could be better than to take the breaks off for a couple of days & eat chocolate eggs (Yuummm!) 
Some parents have asked me about the two mailing lists that go out, this is the mailing list that goes out to all.  Im sure I don’t have to remind you that times are hard so I’m trying to send some resources out to those who cannot afford to keep the membership going & also for us to know that Jstkd is a team & we will be back in the full classes at some point.
So I will send out the basic plan via the mailing list for those of you that want to have a go 🙂 
Ninja Kids – This week I will send out a separate Mail in regards to next weeks Ninja programs. If you know anyone interested in joining our programme whether they train with us already or not , please get them to contact me for more info. 
We are also working on a beginner TKD program for Adults & Juniors , again if you’re interested or know someone who is, please send me a message 🙂 
This weeks plan 
Warm up- 
Running on the spot 
* 10 star jumps
* Run 30 seconds
* 10 pushups
* Kick heels back 30 seconds 
* 10 sit ups
* High Knees 30 seconds 
* 10 squat thrusts 
* Side to side 30 seconds 
* 10 burpees
* Junp change stance 30 seconds 
* 10 lunges 
Light Leg Stretch 
Legs apart stretch forward , Left & Right (legs straight)
Bend one leg at a time stretch to the middle (Keep foot flat floor)
Bend one leg , try to put other heel on floor , both sides 
First stretch going a little further (try to put forearms to the floor) 
(Hold all stretches for 6-10 seconds)
Main set- 
Follow Miss Oury on the youtube channel for pad/pillow or by yourself if no one to work with –
Repeat each combination on the right and left side.
* Jab Cross x 10
* Front leg side kick, jab, cross x 10 
* Double side kick, jab, cross x 10
* Double side kick, jab, cross, back kick x 10
* Jab, cross, right leg turning kick, left leg turning kick x 10
Follow on the youtube for the Fitness pad drill: 
Advanced grades: choose a block/blocks & practice in lines, if you can make a routine of strikes , kicks & blocks then perform for someone at home to watch that would give you a task to complete. (VIDEO IT FOR ME:))
(please drop me an email if you don’t understand or need advice ) 
Beginner/intermediate: refer to line work from the YouTube channel. Practice and perfect the technique. 
This weeks fitness challenge: 
*Thrusters -squats with weighted object then push the object up in the air with both hands 
*Burpees – 
*Leg raises – on your back raise the legs together up and down
15 of all
10 of all
5 of all
10 of all
15 of all
Its the same as our Family fitness on Saturday, take your time & get it done guys.
Lastly we do have a lot of people on the online plans &  Zoom classes , if you have a change of mind or choice of support & want to subscribe please contact me.   
I do Hope you are all well at the moment & that your families are safe, I myself am using the once day exercise to make the most of the beautiful weather & keeping myself as busy as possible. 
Please follow us @ FB Jstkd ,   Instagram js_taekwondo (this is important to build our portfolio so send me any TKD pics, vids & we can build this together)
Stay Safe Joe Schembri 




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