Your weekly plan – 6 April

8 Apr 2020

Your weekly plan – 6 April

This is our direct mailer from Mr Schembri for this week:



So this is for all at Jstkd  – weekly, I will be putting our our Zoom classes and training plans

The plan is there as a guideline to practice for all 

Note – If you’re an online student you should be receiving this & more via a personal email with the correct links per grade 

Also I am here for questions please contact me – 07711234500 🙂  or any other platform.

Over the next few weeks I will start scheduling call times or even some private 20 minute slots via Zoom or face time 

(Please contact me if you are paying the £15 fee as of May & didn’t get your email ?)

As said before this is a bad time & a lot of us cannot afford to keep our children in activities, but regardless of this below is our Zoom session & training plan. 
We also have the youtube channel 
(Cassie oury youtube)  

We are a team & when this is over we want to be back stronger so keep training !!!

OUR ZOOM – Some of you tuned in on Saturday to do the Fitness Session, it was a bit hit & miss but fun overall & was great to see you all. 

We had a few problems for the following reasons so please make note for this weeks sessions 
We will open the meeting have a small chat then please follow the rules –


1. *turn your microphone to mute so it doesn’t interrupt the session


2. *be on time – maintain respect


3. *to avoid screen switching to unmuted student, pin instructors screen by going to the to of the screen hover over instructor and click “….” choose pin video


4. *continue to train after the session has finished


This week we will be doing two live classes, here are the details 


Junior TKD class run by Mr Schembri 5.30-6pm – Wednesday 


Topic – JSTKD Junior TKD Training Meeting ID 181-558-346 Password – 721300


Adult TKD run by Miss Oury 6-6.30pm – Wednesday 


Topic – JSTKD Adult TKD Training Meeting ID 439-553-179 Password – 635262


Family Fitness Morning with Joe & Cassie Saturday 10am 


Topic – JSTKD family Fitness Meeting ID 794-472-895 Password – 881672

Underneath is your training plan please practice 🙂 


Session plan: (Links on YouTube to demonstrate) 


Warm up : 

use an object e.g.  pillow, teddy, pad

*Jump over side to side x 20

*Feet either side of object, jump whilst kicking heels to bum x 20

*in guard jump & change stance x 20 

*standing squat jump x 10


Active stretch: 

* lunge walk outs with 5 sec holds x 3 on each side

* Leg swings 10 each leg

* Shoulder rotations forwards and backwards 10 x each side 



All patterns on the YouTube channel PRACTICE 



Footwork & distance with your selected kick

Close, middle and long distance 



Pad drills: using the pad/pillow punch and kick with the 3 different distances  











Fitness drills: 

20 – jump squats, push ups, sit ups

10 – jump squats, push ups, sit ups

5 – jump squats, push ups, sit ups

10 – jump squats, push ups, sit ups

20 – jump squats, push ups, sit ups


Cool down/stretch:


This weeks challenge: 


OK so the challenge this week is as same as last week , we had Menna on the FB channel with – 30 seconds kicking over an object with the one leg, lets support it & please get our videos to me or post on the channel 


Here is a link to all the patterns –

 (If you are not on the mailing list please go onto the website & use our contact form to let us know.  We will add you onto the list)

So, enjoy the plan & we welcome any pictures , videos of you or child practicing for me to give feed back or simply to post on our growing social media. 

Lastly – Please ask family members to like our FaceBook page also Jstkd on Instagram 


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