Black Stripe – 1st Kup

Korean Terminology

Parts of the Body

Side Fist – Yop Joomok
Reverse Knife Hand – Sonkal Dung


One Leg Stance – Wae Bal Sogi

Basic Movements

Checking Block – Momchau Makgi
Downward Block – Naeryo Makgi
Double Arc Hand Block – Doo Bandalson Makgi
Stamping Kick – Cha Bapgi
Sweeping Kick – Goro Chagi
Overhead Kick – Twio Nomo Chagi

Black Belt

Black is the opposite of white, it therefore completes the circle and signifies maturity and proficiency in Tae Kwon-Do. It also signifies the wearers imperviousness to darkness and fear.

One for One Sparring

This is mainly used for stamina training between intermediate and advanced students. Both students start is a fighting position and when the command is given, one student will execute a sparring style technique, as soon as their technique is finished, the other student attacks, and so on. Because this is a stamina exercise, it does not mean that techniques should be sloppy! They should be crisp and well executed.

1st Kup to 1st Dan

  • Six months training time.
  • Attend all three pre-grading sessions immediately prior to the grading.
  • Train with your instructor on a regular basis.
  • Must have a current TAGB licence for the whole of the training period.

Minimum Training Time

Subject to a minimum training period of three years and six months from 10th kup to 1st Dan.