Latest news from 1 June

5 Jun 2020

Latest news from 1 June


 [Photo: Mr Schembri leading a training seminar in Davos, Switzerland]

Hello all from JSTKD hope you are all keeping well. 

We are into the twelfth week now & its nearly been 3 months since the lockdown, we are still managing with a lot of help from you guys to keep JSTKD strong.I can’t thank you enough.

As an instructor I’ve learnt a lot a lot in the way of on line classes & as much as its fun, its not the same as being in the class & I know that you aren’t all in the classes, so I do really appreciate the fact that you still are supporting me on the discounted payment.

With your ongoing financial & emotional support, we will eventually get us back into business as usual when this finally ends. 

For those of you that had to cancel or freeze, Im sure this has been a tough time for you & my thoughts are with you all, please stay strong & hang in there!! 

So on a more positive note here are some links news & resources for all. 

Jstkd App –

Starting next week I will contact people direct, have a small chat & get them on the new app. 

Its Payment system & show them what we will be doing with it. 

Online diary for private bookings, our JSTKD shop, direct contact with me via the app etc…. exciting new way of contact for all of us 

Training ideas –

So this link is a our link to  the youtube channel on Raising kick applications & a good way to strengthen the legs for Martial arts have look & have a go 🙂

Fun to watch – 

Martial arts use breaking boards to perfect the focus of striking here are some links to some breaking demos –

This one is me Joe Schembri at a team event where you had to perform a breaking routine –

This one is a good friend of mine just showing the basic applications of  breaking –

“Have a look show the children keep them inspired to do Martial arts”

So thats it folks,we are waiting anxiously to get beck to normal & we will try to get into the halls asap in the next months. 

Please take care & stay safe 

Regards Joe Schembri 5th degree Black belt , Head coach @ JSTKD 



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