News Announcement – Coronavirus Covid-19 – from our recent mailout

20 Mar 2020

News Announcement – Coronavirus Covid-19 – from our recent mailout


Full update regarding plans and contingencies due to Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak

Student / Parent 

We have had a lot of questions & concerns in regards to the Covid 19 situation & our plans at Jstkd.

As you may be aware over the past weeks the situation has changed daily & looking forward it does look like at some stage the government will close schools & all other activities including our classes 🙁 

At the present moment we are all following the guidelines with hygiene , distances in classes & of course no direct contact. 

This week the government went live advising us to stay away from large gatherings which will have a  knock on effect on our classes as many other activities plus social places. 

However the schools are still open (at least for now) & shops, businesses, buses, trains etc… are still running. 

Jstkd have tried to plan the next days/weeks out to help our students with Taekwondo & also let the parents know that we do care & will continue to coach your children (and our adult students) whether it be at a class or via home coaching (IF WANTED). 



Current Training/classes –

This week some schools have asked us to stop using the halls due to the cleaners coming in before our classes & not being able to clean after us. 

We however have had the support from  community centers which we teach at on most days that students could  attend.

We have been running our classes in line with the schools, 100,s of children are still attending schools & socializing daily but we understand the guidelines and advice around the gathering of people a & we respect that.

With all being said we at Jstkd have been advised that most schools will shut down this Friday ,although we would like to keep running, we cannot if the schools cancel. So we have decide to close for at least 2 weeks, but understand that this may last longer 

So this week will run as normal with our grading Friday going ahead as planned. 

Next week we will have presentation of Belts at our community centers for certain groups , Below are the halls & times  




BARRY ST NICHOLAS HALL  – Belt presentation for Barry , Rhoose & llantwit students – 4.30pm




DINAS POWYS MURCHFEILD COMMUNITY CENTER  – Belt presentation for Dinas , Sully & Whitchurch Cardiff  – 5pm


We are absolutely devestated that this has happened & hope to be back up & running ASAP 

Payments & Direct Debits –


At Jstkd all new members join our club & set up the payment for the following month. We then ask for a 1 month cancellation payment which evens it all out. 

So with this being said below we are offering our online training program , which is explained later on. If you do take on the online program your fees will be discounted accordingly once we have established how many students have taken this opportunity.

For others who are not interested we are  planning to hold / freeze all payments at the of end of April 2020. 

We humbly ask you to honour any payment during April, this will allow us to take the April payment as per the 1 month notice or the 1 month starting period.   This payment will then allow us to cover our costs & shut down but with a view to starting back with our great ongoing relationship with halls centers etc..  

Please understand we are a small business & have  fees to be paid, insurances, costs ! if you are fortunate to afford the fees, we urge you to try our personal coaching which will in turn help us to sustain our club & keep Jstkd strong in the upcoming months ! 

Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

( Note: for your peace of mind if you do not take our alternative coaching programme, NO payment will go out  during May 20 or until normality comes back into our & your childrens lives 🙂 

Online programmes –

So with the current situation & the most probably closing of schools we have like others decided to run home classes & programmes. 

Its something that I have planned on providing & with Covid-19  being such a huge problem, we have decided to try to make it a way of communicating with our clients. 

I  (Mr Schembri) have myself have an online coach for Triathlon, As you may or not know I have completed numerous Half Ironman events & a Full Ironman in Barcelona in the past. 

As a Martial artist that has achieved World Champion status & representative Wales & the GB squad, I still have personal goals & dreams (Why not 🙂 )

We are working on coaching from home on different levels – 

 Most of you are parents reading this, so we understand that the children need to have a basic way of understand , so we will provide the following – 

1.Online profile for your child to fill out what they have done, with comments to fill in by you & them. Also plan sheets for future goals 

2. Lesson plans in the way of email week per week 

3. Yutube channel with live streaming & basic videos to follow (as per lesson plans)

4. Call times – A slot per week or fortnightly to ask questions & create personal plans/ give feed back

5. Basic nutrition advice & diet plans 

Again this will all be in place from end of April/May onwards, if you are interested in you or your child doing this please private message me on 07711234500 or

If not don’t worry ! We will still send all of our students some resources during our closure ,as we when we return we will do our best to get back up to speed ASAP 

So in conclusion, Jstkd are doing our very best & will continue to do so, at this present moment, during the closure if this is to happen, but beyond this too.  We are a team & have been training for over 15 years , we do not plan on closing no matter the situation 🙂 

Once more please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions Call , Text , arrange a meeting 🙂 

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Best Regards 

Joe Schembri  (Head Instructor @ Jstkd)


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