Week 5 and our Latest Challenge – get creative!

21 Apr 2020

Week 5 and our Latest Challenge – get creative!


Hope you’re well as can be & not getting too frustrated.  Every week I send out a mail to you all regardless of paying members, we want to say in touch with you all & hope that you are well.
The Zoom Classes have picked up with us now doing grade classes on Monday mornings, today I taught the white – green strieps & it was great to see you all & well done on the work out. 
So we have a new challenge below & some info on training plans ENJOY !! 🙂 
The JSTKD  Challenge – 
Throughout the TAGB Instructors have been following suit with “design your club T shirt ” 
The winner gets the T shirt made then we try to sell the shirt through the clubs giving all proceeds to the NHS 

Blank T shirt template: Blank T Shirt template

Please enlarge it, print it off for your child to draw a design & get it back to me, you can simply take a photo or scan it in your PC etc..  You may need to play around with the template a bit – maybe enlarge the front view to a reasonable size and then do the same with the back view.  If you’re feeling artistic, you can copy it yourself onto a blank sheet and use that instead!
Once you’ve done that – just Whats App it to me. 
Please try to give this a go , as it is for a great cause, we will run this over a few weeks adding in a physical challenge to keep us moving 🙂  
So all in all we are keeping busy with classes & plans plus our challenges. 
I want to thank all parents / students that can afford to support the club & that with your support we can keep all children active. 
So here is our basic plan, you can go to the youtube page & see all info – 
(please keep yourself & child active) 
Training plan WK 5 
Warm up – 
Jogging on spot 1 minute with – Arms forwards & backwards, Pulling arms & elbows backwards whilst jogging 
Kick heels back 20 seconds 
Knees up in front 20 seconds 
20 x Star jumps 
Kick your feet out in front – front low section x 20 
Whilst skipping on spot raise the knee up – 
10 x Right 
10 x Left 
10 x Alternate 
Light Stretch 
Legs apart stretch forward , Left & Right (legs straight)
Bend one leg at a time stretch to the middle (Keep foot flat floor)
Bend one leg , try to put other heel on floor , both sides 
First stretch going a little further (try to put forearms to the floor) 

This week let’s move on – Now you’ve perfected the first 4 movements lets add on another 2-4 moves. 
NOTE: If you know all your patterns , then practice them all from start to finish – NICE & STRONG FOCUSING ON BIG STRONG MOVEMENTS & GOOD STANCES 
Technical – 
This week we will work on the side step
Once understood please practice Beck leg, front leg 10 – 20 times each side. 
NOTE TO PARENTS – A side step is basically moving to the side to avoid an attack, follow the video to practice, don’t try to create perfection, simply moving to the side, in time they will get better.
Pad work – 
Let’s use the side stepping drills –
Back leg side step , then turning kick x 5 each leg 
Back leg side step  then Jab, cross x 5 
Do this on both sides 
Front leg side step , then turning kick 
Both sides x 5 
Lastly super set – try to do turning kicks side stepping or jumping to the right and left 10 X times 
“NOTE – If you don’t have pad or someone to hold it then do these drills without a pad :)”
Fitness challenge –  Planks 
Downwards Dog – 30 secs
Basic Plank 30 secs
Left & Right Side Plank 30 secs each 
Crunches 30 secs 
Left & Right Side one arm plank 30 secs each side 
Bicycle legs 30 secs 
Press up holds for 1 minute, up 10 secs down secs 
Squat Holds 1 minute 
Follow Miss Oury in her full body stretch  
Joe Schembri 
#staysafe   #Jstkd 
JSTKD Martial Arts & Fitness 
T: 07711234500

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