Week 7 Training Plan

7 May 2020

Week 7 Training Plan

Hello to all from JSTKD 

This is our 7th week of our training & as we continue to provide the online plans & classes for the members, we still want to reach out to those of you who had to cancel. 

These are hard times & hope that you are Ok & staying safe. Although some of you are not on the online stuff you are still managing to support us with completed challenges & videos etc…

 Please keep sending in the challenges & videos to the team, again they are appreciated. 

Pad Work Fitness Class 

So this week I’m putting one of our pad work sessions on the mail chimp for you to see & follow. 

Please follow the link & get involved 

Train, Train, Train

 30 minute Pad workout from last Saturdayhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y-7lyb8L2UI&t=582s

Something fun to do at home with all the family! 

The JSTKD App – 

At the present moment I am working on the new App & feel excited about it, this will be interactive & have many features such as – 

>Resources – patterns & theory 

>Booking systems 


>Online shop 

>Plus our new efficient payment system direct with the banks

All this will be accessible via your mobile or tablet or computer & as it builds I will ask some of my older students to download & give feed back, all in all we are locked down but still building 🙂

T  Shirt Challenge 

This week will be the last week of the Challenge , although we have had many good designs in, I would like to get more so we can show more support. I have reached out to Grand Master Oliver the chairman of our association. He’s kindly agreed to wear the designed T shirt to promote this for the NHS.


We are in full swing with our Ninja kids plans too, again this is £10 per month to coach your 3-6yrs child contact us please if your interested. 

Also ts not to late to jump on the Zoom live training & you can contact me to apply 


TKD Promotions is open for birthdays, occasions or just a pad for your child to practice, contact me to order 

Follow this link for the catalogue https://www.tkdpromotions.com

OK team I’m hoping to be back in full swing sometime this year but will be in touch always 

Your instructor 

Joe Schembri 5th dan BB 

#Staysafe #Family 






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